Playback is not continuous at times (TVOS 15 + Infuse 6.7)

Playback is not continuous at times.
This has never happened with previous versions.
There is no problem with another simpler application.
Infuse 6.7

Can you clairify what you mean by "not continuous? Is it not advancing to the next episode as you expect or is it stopping a video before it’s finished? Is it pausing and then restarting in the middle of a video?

The image pauses for a moment during playback.
For example, a car does not roll smoothly.
It gets ahead somehow.
Very confusing.

Sounds like something similar to this thread. tvOS 15 introduced some sort of bug

I can’t find the reason.
The read speed is around 200 Mbit.
The Samba server is for this purpose only.
HDR is not a reason either, because it occurs elsewhere.
Files are not very large, 40 minutes = 2 … 3 GByte.
Works well with M…C application.

Just a feeling on my part but I’m guessing that OS15 has introduced a unintended glitch.

“Have you ever tried to shut down and restart?”

After a complete shutdown (no power), the problem is resolved.
If the error reappears, I’ll see if the reboot might be effective as well.

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