Playback information on various Apple TVs in the house

i use infuse on several apple tvs in my house, all of which access the same hard drives and are syncronized via the cloud. That also works very well, but if I’ve seen part of a film on the Apple TV in the living room, then when I call it up in the bedroom, it’s not in the same place as in the living room, but at the beginning.
Isn’t that as easy as I thought or do I have to adjust something?


The ATV you start it on has to finish it’s iCloud sync after you stop the video and the ATV you resume on has to finish it’s icloud sync before it will know where to resume from.

If after you stop the video you go to settings > Library you can watch the sync messages there and after it finishes the icloud sync you go to the next ATV and go straight to the Settings > Library screen and watch there for the same until you see the “Last sync…” message it should then start where the other left off.

This has been getting slower since the background app refresh broke so it could take a bit.

You can follow the background app refresh discussion here.