Playback info display ?


I’m using Apple TV 4K with Infuse 5 Pro.

Is there any way to see playback information display in Infuse 5 Pro when streaming 1080p and/or 4K video contents from NAS ?
Information about bitrate for video and sound etc…

I configured my Apple TV 4K to show developer mode (by enabling it though Xcode on iMac 5K). Since then, iTunes movie streaming and Netflix streaming shows information about video/sound bitrate, network throughput etc. However, nothing shows on Infuse Pro 5.


I am having a similar request. Is there a possibility, to show the playing time and rest time directly? At the moment, one needs to bring up the info pull down menue, and then press menue. Or press pause and play. Also, when it comes up to the end of a movie, like around ten minutes before the end, The rest plying time is no more displayed. Maybe this is not starting from an absolute time, but from a certain percentage before the end. Thanks guys :slight_smile: And btw, though there are still some little quirks, infuse is by far the best player around, that I know.

Moving to suggestions.

+1 for this. Would be really useful to overlay some playback statistics while playing


The thing I would want the most is information about the streaming cache.

+1 this would be really handy.

I can’t quite understand this simple yet, important feature is still not there even on Infuse 6.

James, is there any particular reason why this simple, yet essential feature is not made yet??
Is this a complex task in terms of implementation in tvOS environment?
I only ask because just about every BD player and media players in various platforms has this feature. So, I’m guessing there must be a very good reason for Infuse not to have this feature.