Playback HUD with Infuse

Hi, i just enabled “Playback HUD” in the dev settings of my apple tv 4k but nothings appears (yellow text) with infuse unlike with all other apps (Plex, Amazon, …)
Is there something to do ?

Thanks !

This feature is only available for apps using the native Apple TV player.

While Infuse uses many native components for rendering video, it’s wrapped in its own player so the HUD will not be available.

So VUDU Directv Now, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Movies Anywhere and all the native apps except Infuse and MrMC use the native ATV player. Interesting. That’s probably why yours is more flexible (and better).

You have to remember that VUDU, DirectTV, Netflix, and the others you listed are content providers, not media player developers. They make their bread and butter providing the content where Infuse makes theirs developing the means to play the media you provide it in the best possible way.

That’s why they take the easy way out and why Infuse is about the best media player out there.

Plex Media Player is a media player YouTube is both a media player and content provider (I’m sure there are others) and they allow for the HUD overlay but I understand that if this feature impacts the quality or usability of infuse it’s not that important.

Hi @james!

So, you are saying that will not be possible to have the resolution and bitrate of the movie we are playing? The info details file when we scroll down?

Big Thanks

This thread is asking about the built in info for Apples video player. Since Infuse uses it’s own developed player and thus doesn’t have access to the HUD the original poster was asking about.

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