Playback hangs often after 5.8.6 update

Thanks for this great software! We use it everyday.

After the 5.8.6 update (I’m assuming; it started happening around the 19th, when I’m assuming auto-update downloaded it), Infuse playback hangs upon initially starting playback of a media file - it shows a preview of the first frame, but hangs with a spinning loader in the center of the screen. Restarting the playback (going back to the media list) or restarting the app sometimes resolves the issue - but the accuracy is low - usually 80% of the time it fails. Once it starts playing, it maintains playing the entire file.

I’ve tested downloading from the FTP server on other devices and it plays back/downloads the first time/every time. The ftp software hasn’t changed lately, I think the last update was about a month ago. No config has changed and the server has been up for months.

Let me know if you need other details. Thanks again for the great software!

+1 found exactly the same problem since the update. I’m am using SMB rather than FTP and have tried with a tv that connects via plex and another that connects directly to shares. The issue exists with both.

Is this happening with all files, or just a few?

If you’re able to send in a report from your Apple TV it may help us track down what’s going on.

Its all files - all mkv container, but some x264 360p, x264 1080p and HEVC 1080p. I’ll try sending in a report from the app.

I reported a very similar issue (#111751) 6 days ago with a video sample, no reply yet.