Playback from local network

PLS Help!

I've installed ATVflash on ATV2 4.2.1. Installed NitoTV but in NitoTV menu I don't see any link to play files from network storage pls give me detail instruction how tp play content from network storage device.



Yes - can the holy grail of getting ATV flash has now been accomplished (albeit with the tether boot method)

But I was expecting to see all the touted features, browser, access to non itunes media on local macs... all I see it an added NitiTV menu with cryptic sub menus.

I tried to install a few random bits but so far both have failed to install.


How does one get to the good stuff with ATVflash?

Is there a guide somewhere online to do this?

You'll have to use the new seasonpass as the original had a bug that wouldn't allow download of extras via the maintenance menu.  Try again and then just go to maintenance and install away! 

Plex will help you stream from your computer, granted its transcoding. 


Install plex on the apple tv, then download plex onto your computer. Just goto Run the app on the computer. You will tell it where the media is, then it creates a server that Plex client on the apple tv can find. At that point get your media on. 


Thanks a bunch!...You just made my day...

FC guys, this stuff should be on the sticky in the front page and always accesible by "new users" like me..

I spent two days trying to figure this one out...!