Playback freezing and periodically loading every minute or so [iPad Air 2, Infuse 4.2]

I really like the program, it’s a fine piece of code. But, but, when watching movies via local network from my laptops hard drive I get the loading button practically every minute. I have full signal from my router (144Mbps strength to the router, no background process, no obstacles whatsoever), no other user on the network, when it’s playing its playing smoothly, being perfect, synced, without a glitch, but then stops and shows loading.

I first thought its due to the ‘weight’ of the file (35 gig blu ray remux), but the identical thing happens even with a four times smaller file. When it plays it’s playing nice and smooth, but then stops to load, loads, continues playing for a few minutes then again, like an infinite loop. Exactly the same pattern with radically different files.

What’s there to do to make this right?


First I’m able to play Bluray bit rate videos with Infuse 4.2 without stutter or problems of any kind both from my Macbook Pro and my WD Wireless Pro to my iPad Air 1. Blu-ray Disc spec calls for a maximum bitrate of 40 Mbps for video and a maximum of 48 Mbps for audio and video .


  1. Is the 144mbps you quoted the Transmit Rate, Link Speed or measured throughput of the network connection?
  2. What 802.11 is the connection g,n,ac? 2.4ghz or 5ghz?
  3. What are the specs for the device are you using for the share? What kind of share DLNA, SMB, FTP?
  4. Are the files you’re testing h.264, h.265?

First of all - a sincere thank you for your answer.

Here’s the screenshot of the ‘144Mbps’ I was talking about, I presume it’s the link speed between the router and the laptop. The xDSL (internet) bandwith is about 30Mbps, I know it has nothing to do with this but just to be sure here’s that detail too…
The router is a vDSL Zyxel VMG5313-B30A. It is a ‘generic’ that I got from my ISP but note that it has a fine signal for a generic router, It penetrates quite a few concrete walls in the house and I can reach it with a usable signal from places that no router so far has been able to cover. It’s 2.4Ghz. Ofcourse, when using Infuse Pro I’m physically in the same room, not behind concrete walls. I’m using an SMB share, with the InfusePro on my iPad Air 2 directly to the folders on my laptop. The laptop is a Lenovo y510p with an Intel N-2230 adapter. The hard drive is a 5400rpm 1TB Seagate SSHD.

I tested with several files, some were original Blu Rays with STREAM folders, some were Blu Ray remuxes ranging from 19 to 35 GB (.mkv container), others were x264 BluRay rip .mkv’s . It’s like it ‘time outs’ every now and then and has to refresh, when it’s playing it’s playing real fine. It happens with .m2ts’s, with .mkv’s…

Should I try with a new router, with this generic being set to bridge mode? What does this coordination role of the router between two connected units depends on? Processor speed? Internal memory? Software?

Not a problem. I don’t work for FireCore but I thought I might be able to help.

You’ve got a number of problems. First the Intel N-2230 adapter is 2.4ghz only according to the spec sheet. Also the router is a single band. You can choose 2.4ghz or 5ghz but not both at the same time.

The Air 2 supports 802.11ac with MIMO with a possible link speed of 1300mbps. The router and the network card can only go up to 144mbps in 2.4ghz mode. That great for going through walls but not so great from a bandwidth perspective.

I believe your router has a USB port that can be configured for file sharing. Format a USB stick to exFat, load one of the lower bitrate video files onto the USB stick, plug it into the router and configure the router for file sharing. Test again and see if the video will play. Eliminating the laptop from the equation would allow you to change the router to 5ghz if it doesn’t play on 2.4ghz.

With a newer Wireless router that supports dual 2.4ghz and 5ghz 801ac, you’ll get an order of magnitude increase in bandwidth. You would also need to upgrade the wireless card on your laptop to 802.11ac. See if you can find the USB port on the router and we’ll go from there.

After this many things make sense.

I’ve tried plugging in a USB stick: while the LED on the router indicates it’s recognizing it - the ISP issued firmware blocks all kind of functions and I’m not able to play it. I’m not allowed to access it’s network path. I’m also not allowed to change the band from 2.4 to 5Ghz.

I will definitel buy a

  1. new, dual band router, Asus RT-N18U seems nice. I will ask the ISP to put my generic router into bridge mode and deal with everything on the Asus.
  2. A wifi hard drive.

If I first acquire the router I will temporarily use an USB 3.0 stick plugged into the router to stream heavy files.

If I understood correctly, a wi fi hard drive is a standalone unit, which creates it’s own wifi signal directly to the unit that’s connecting to it, independently of the router?

Take a look at this review

I have the TP-Link C9 and it works flawlessly with a USB 3.0 hard drive attached.

You want an AC router so you’ll get all the bandwidth with the Air 2.

If you get the new router all you need is a portable USB 3.0 drive to attach to it. No need for a Wifi drive.

You really don’t need the ISP at all for this upgrade. Buy the new router. Plug a ethernet cable from the wan ethernet port on new device into one of the ethernet ports on your ISP router and configure the new device. It will get an IP address via DHCP from the ISP router, all you’ll need to do is set up the security and you’re in business. When you get the portable drive, format it for exFAT, transfer the content to the drive, set up the new router to share the contents and you’re done.

You’ll be able to stream content via DLNA or SMB to the Air 2 in Bluray quality. If you have problems going through walls, set the transmitter on the new device to high and unless you have concrete walls you should be fine. You’ll still be able to connect with your laptop because it’s dual band and 802.11ac support g/n/ac.