Playback freezes

What might be causing occasional play back freezes? What might be the remedies? When it occurs, my best remedy is to unplug the AC from my Apple TV, wait a minute, then reconnect. It seems to work better than doing a restart through the interface. But, sometimes the remedy doesn’t work and I have to restart all devices…in my case a MacBook Pro, an Apple Time Capsule, and the Apple TV. With the older Apple TVs, you could FTP to the device and delete some cache files, but I don’t know how to do this with the current system…

Are you talking about the video pausing while it buffers or are you saying your entire interface on the ATV is freezing where you can’t exit back to the main menu by clicking on the home button or backing out with the menu button? if you touch the track pad on the remote does it show the timeline at the bottom of the video?

What version of ATV, Infuse, etc.?

I am talking about an Apple TV model 1625 and Infuse Pro, annual subscription. The trouble usually starts with a spinning gear. I can exit out of infuse and watch live feeds. Yes it shows the time line, I think. It might show a spinning gear, then play a while.

Okay, it sounds like it’s buffering. Is there a certain type of file like 720p, 1080p, or 4K that you see it more often on? Can you consistently recreate the problem or only occasionally? How is the ATV connected to the router, wireless or Ethernet?

How is the server connected to the router?

In the Infuse settings, what do you have the Streaming Cache set to?

It can occur with all files…all from, so they are 50fps. No, I cannot recreate it… It only happens occasionally. The ATV is wirelessly connected to an Apple Time Capsule network. Streaming cache is set to Auto

Can you post some mediainfo results form a couple of the files? It might shed some light depending on encoding details.

Yes, I will look this up but I don’t think this is the problem because after carrying out a remedy everything plays fine… I am thinking that it is a caching problem. I am looking for a couple of things to try next time it happens.

Here are two “downloads”
MPEG-4 VISUAL / 720 x 544 / 4:3 / 25.000 FPS / 8 bits / 1903kb/s / Advanced Simple@L5 / Progressive

1f50a.png AUDIO 1 : English / AC-3 / 2.0ch / 224kb/s

1f499.png MediaInfo 1f499.png

1f4c1.png FILE: Extremely Dangerous.avi

2139.png GENERAL : AVI / 3 h 14 min

1f4fd.png VIDEO : MPEG-4 VISUAL / 640 x 368 / 1.739 / 25.000 FPS / 8 bits / 809kb/s / Advanced Simple@L5 / Progressive

1f50a.png AUDIO 1 : AC-3 / 2.0ch / 192kb/s