-Playback- first few seconds get lost at start

I have a little problem.
At starting of playback, the first few seconds get lost. This happens to all my videos (mkv, mp4, mpg).
I checked it with other Players, there is the start correct! Whats going on here?

Do you have either of the Match Content options enabled in Apple TV > Settings as described here?

Infuse works with Match Content, and will adjust the Apple TV output to match the video that is currently being played. This may result in a black screen for a brief moment when a video begins to play while the Apple TV switches video output.

I have this option disabled!
But I found out, if I enable „Match framerate“ the Playback Start works correctly and the issue is gone!

But the problem is, I cant ENABLE „Match framerate“, because I get some really big problems with some other Apps, if this is enabled!!!

Could you please fix this issue?
So Infuse has a correct start, even if „Match framerate“ is disabled!?

I have exactly the same problem!
I can‘t use Match Content too due to issues with other not ‚optimized‘ Apps.

Can you elaborate on what you are seeing?

With Match Content disabled, what is missing? Is it video, audio?

I think it’s Audio only! The Audio is starting a second later than Video with Match Content disabled.

This is actually sort of expected, and is related to how the Apple TV works. The same behavior can be seen in other apps like Netflix.

What you can do to avoid this is switch the Apple TV > Settings > Video and Audio > Surround Sound option from Best Quality to Dolby Digital.

Hey James ?
This issue I have reported some time ago ??

It’s a Audio-Shift only with „Match Framerate“ is set to OFF…

Look at my Video for a better demonstration of the Problem:

Hey James ?
I set Settings > Video and Audio > Audioformat > Change Format => to „Stereo“!
And now the Problem is gone!!!
And the best: The Video start now much faster thank before ???
Thank you for the Tipp!!! ?

Great it’s working perfect! Thanks.

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