Playback errors -- on 2.3

I just updated to 2.3, with inFuse, and… now I’m noticing some video files (mp4’s) are generating the error: “Failed to load content” or something along these lines. 


I’ve noticed this error/issue on about 4 to 5 files, that previously played perfectly. Anyone else experiencing this, or have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance. 

Same problem here with mkv and mp4 files that always played prior. Also getting lots of buffering that never happened before. Every 60 seconds it is buffering now on videos that only buffered at the beginning once.

Also… the volume all ALL video files is significantly lower. i.e. If my volume was at 20, previously, it now needs to be at 40 to yeild the same results. 


Anyway to downgrade? I wonder if I still have the 2.2 file.