Playback error

Last two updates been having same playback issue.  Get the following error… !Playback error - An error occurred loading this content.

I stream from three sources, WD Mybook Live Duo, Netgear NAS Stora model MS2110-100 NAS, and USB drive connected to Airport Extreme Base Station via AFP (not smart enough to know if that makes a difference nor what that protocol even is).  Same movie is on all three drives, even on my MacBook.  Only able to play if I stream the video from my MacBook.  All other sources give same error.  

Is there a copyright issue when streaming from other sources that ATV Flash is missing?


Hmm, could you send in a bug report?

Having the exact same issue here!


I can play it the very same file from my MBP through a network share but not off a NAS connected and authenticated.


The funny thing is the NAS WILL play files that are relatively small (SD TV episodes) but just throws up an error for LARGE FILES (1gb+)


All these files were working fine until the second last update…like the OP.

Also having this error playing from my NAS :frowning:

OK - I have narrowed my problem down some!

I can play AVI’s fine through the NAS setup but not MP4’s or M4V’s - which sucks cos most of my library is in that format.

Although they don’t play over the NAS they will play if I copy the files to my MacBook Pro and play them through a shared folder!

The NAS is a NetStar FX NST-600U (really a usb to gigabit ethernet adapter) with a USB drive formatted to FAT32 plugged into it.

I’m wondering if it could be some kind of permissions error but don’t know enough about this. When I plug the USB drive directly into my Mac and check the files that don’t play (using More Info in Finder) it says I have full read/write permissions on those files. The same goes for the AVI’s that DO PLAY BACK in Media Player on the JB’ed ATV2.

FYI I can play all the M4V’s and MP4’s across the network (off the NAS), on my Mac…


Any thoughts or ideas would be totally appreciated!


EDIT: Have submitted a Bug Report