Playback error message and missing menu items

The most recent Maintenance / Media Player update has introduced several issues for me. I’m running aTV Flash 1.4.1 with AppleTV 4.4.4 (3330) ATV2.

After applying the update via the Manage Extras menu, the following has happened:

  • Media playback displays "Loading..." for quite a while then reports "Playback error An error occured loading this content"
  • Show / Hide menu item is missing

After leaving it for the night, starting the AppleTV today, the stock Apple Movies and TV Shows top level menu items were missing, but playback of files appeared to work.

Restoring from a Firecore backup returned the menu items, but the above playback issue has returned.

I’ve submitted a bug report. Any help greatly appreciated.

As part of troubleshooting this, I uninstalled the “Media Player” via Maintenance and restarted the AppleTV.

After restarting, the only menu items in the top level navigation are: “Internet | Settings | Maintenance”, all other default Apple items are missing and the Hide / Show menu option is  also missing. Reinstalling Media Player via the Maintenance menu and restarting shows “Internet | Media | Settings | Maintenance”. 

And bizarrely now, in this broken state - media playback via the Firecore Media Player works again.

Could it be related to changes in handling AppleTV 5.0 and it’s new top level menus affecting AppleTV 4.4.4 installations?

Ok, I might have solved it so posting the steps in case it helps anyone else.

I uninstalled Media Player and restarted, then reinstalled Media Player and restarted.

At this stage, the default Apple menus were missing and the only entries were “Internet | Media | Settings | Maintenance”

Playback didn’t work, but even though the AppleTV reported that I was connected to the wireless network, I re-entered my wireless config details and at this stage, the menu items have returned and playback “appears” to work. Fingers crossed.

Show / Hide menu item is still missing in action though.