Playback Error - MediaPlayer can't play any video files

Im trying to play video files from he Media Files and I keep getting an error message: Playback Error. An error ocurred loading this content.

Then after trying several times the video is able to play but minutes after I got the following message:  “Memory Warning. Your device is running low on memory”

Any solution to this?

I play the media files from a NAS server (Synology). It receive the same error :  “Memory Warning. Your device is running low on memory”

Any solution?

Which tool was used to jailbreak your AppleTV?

The upcoming version of Media Player will utilize a new core player which will virtually eliminate issues like these.

@James : the one Firecore advices : Seas0nPass.

Ok, it’s likely the upcoming Beta6 version will resolve many of your issues.

This new version will provide a night and day improvement over the current version of Media Player.

@James : Ok. When can we expect this version and will we be noticed about it?

We’re planning to have Beta6 available later this month.

You can keep an eye on our blog for updates.

Well that wasn’t it. I’m getting this almost 50% of the time I try to run a video - most are M4Vs ripped from my own DVDs via Handbrake’s Apple2 setting (with the framerate set as “Same as Source”). They work fine in iTunes, streamed to the aTV2. And then there’s the sqiushed aspect ratio…

Before anyone asks - Seas0nPass-jailbroken.