Playback error - Cannot establish connection to network

Hi guys


Dunno if this is related to the apple tv / atv / mediaplayer or the mountain lion update.


But ever since ive updated to moutain lion I have the same problem over and over again when playing files from my macbook pro to the apple tv.

2-10 times per movie it just stoppes and I get the message “Playback error - Cannot establish connection to network”

If I go back and start the movie again it starts again and plays for a litte while.


Moutain lion 10.8.1

Apple tv 5.02 (even tried 4.3.3)

Latest atv

sharing via wifi from macbook -> dlink 655 router -> appletv via cabel

problems with: divx, x264


Ive never had this problem before the mountain lion update.

Someone else having the same errors?