Playback Error - cannot establish a connection to network.


when I see a movie with the media player after a few minutes appears an error message: Playback error. cannot establish a a connection to network.
Jailbreak done with Seas0npass. This error appears with wired and wireless network and with every Media file.

I have to press “Menu” and can resume the movie and after maybe 10 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, the error message appears again… how can i fix that?

Thanks a lot.



Are you streaming via AFP or SMB? A number of network related fixes will be included in the next update.

I’m streaming with AFP.


Since the last update Im also experiencing this a lot, is there a fix or a workaround?

Its very frustrating!



The next update will have a number of fixes to resolve issues like the ones you are seeing.

same problem after update 0.9… that sucks…

By chance is this occurring after pausing the movie?

I have the same problem. After pause it always happens but it really often happens during playback too.And it’s much more often now than before… :frowning:

Router: Airport Extreme

We’re aware of the pause related issues and are working on a fix.

Are you also seeing network errors during playback without ever pausing the movie? If so, please send in a bug report and we can look into what’s going on.

I didn’t press pause, only starting the movie. I bought Atvflash only for using mediaplayer and this doesn’t even work. I hope you’ll find a solution for that.


bug report sent.

Any new ideas, james?


please let me know, it’s really annoying!



We’re looking into it. Did you open a support ticket after sending in a diagnostic report? It would really help us if we could pair the issue with the diagnostic report.


diagnostic report sent - support ticket sent.

Update Mediaplayer 0.9.1 - same problem!


James do you think, I should jailbreak my ATV again? maybe than it works. It seems to me, that I’m the only one with this issue…


Are there release dates for ATVFlash black working on IOS5?

We’re still looking into the network issue that is affecting some users - version 0.9.1 does not yet address this.

Most iOS 5 related issues have been resolved, and we’ll have more news once the new AppleTV software is released.


Just wanna add to the previous posts by saying that I have this problem too. Can’t watch a movie more than five minutes without seeing the “Playback error” message.

For your info, I run the 0.9.1 Mediaplayer.

James, hope you’re gonna be able to resolve it soon because I is very very annoying.


I plugged the Apple tv with an Ethernet cable and listen to a movie. it had no problem…

For all of you having problems with playback, i just fixed mine. Just enamble sharing in AFP. That made my apple tv stream everything great! till now I had it only in SMB!!!



 I have the same problem :frowning:

error message appears and appears

Still have this problem and it’s annoying!!!


using AFP with macbook pro.


any ideas for the time being??