"Playback error, an error occurred loading this content"

This, not so helpful, error message shows on all movie files I try to stream from my time capsule in the media player in atvflash (black) v1.0. The files are encoded by Handbrake in it’s default Apple TV setting and plays fine if I import them into iTunes and access them through the library in the atv2, or if I put them on a share in my Mac in stead of the time capsule.So there is nothing wrong with the files that would prevent the atv2 from playing them. Both the atv2, my time capsule and my Mac are on a wired network on the same router.

Sorry for the trouble. Would you mind sending in a bug report?

Care to answer my existing support request first??? It’s been one week since you last updated it and no solution in sight yet…

Hey rogert.4603

I feel your pain on this matter. I have been trying to get my newly downloaded .MKV files to work on my APTV2. I figured out that if I highlighted the .mkv file that I wanted to watch and chose get info, make sure the sharing and Permissions privilege setting is set to Read only and not to no access. That absolutely took care of my problems. I hope this helps…


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rogert.4603, I had a similar problem and did what the previous poster said.  I changed the permissions on all my movie files.  Some of them were playing, others were not, and I narrowed it down to the permissions issue.  Let us know if that works for you too.

I’m also seeing a similar problem, playing videos off a USB HDD attached to a Airport Extreme which the ATV Black is connected to on a wired connection. 

This was working perfectly up until the latest release

I am also having problem with this. Just managed to jailbreak with 4.4.4 and was pleased that FireCore works on my ATV2, but frustrated to see none of my media files actually able to play on the ATV2. I shared my files over a Firewire Drive connected to my Apple Mac Mini. It was working with the previous 4.3.x versions before I upgraded all to IOS5. Waited for few months before this new release of the 4.4.x is ready. Please help!!

I shared the files using SMB … not AFP, does it matter?