Playback Error - An Error Occurred Loading This Content

Hey gang,

I’ve been using aTV Flash for years with absolutely zero problems, but just the other day I am now seeing the dreaded “Playback Error - An Error Occurred Loading This Content” message.

Whats weird here in my situation is that I can still load all the listings of shows and the meta data retrieves the thumbnails and I can scroll through and click titles, but none of them ever play. I see a loading symbol that rotates for a long time then the “Playback Error - An Error Occurred Loading This Content” appears.

I’m using a FritzBox 7490 with 2 USB HDD’s as my NAS and I “may” have updated their software recently, but I didn’t think I changed anything too major, yet here we are!

Any help much appreciated!!

Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m having the same exact issue. HD connected to a time capsule.

Have never had an issue before, but suddenly I’m getting the spinning wheel, followed by Playback Error. Running Infuse version 6.2.6

Force closing the app and trying again usually starts the stream. Having similar problems on iOS lately as well.

Are you actually running ATV Flash on an ATV second generation and Infuse 6.2.6?

I know this was not at me, but here’s my setup in the hope it can help :slight_smile:

I’mmmmm in the wrong forum. Sorry :frowning:

Does anyone have a solution for this? I’m baffled as to what has changed.