Playback error - An error occured loading this content


Have just purchased after the recent blog post of beta6, but am finding a lot of my media isn’t playing (and does work fine in XBMC)

One for example is the film Leon, the sample plays fine but the playback error appears about a 1 second after starting to play.

“Playback error - An error occured loading this content”

The sample plays fine, the only difference being the sample is 38 seconds whereas the movie is 2+ hours.


H.264 / AVC / MPEG4 AVC




I’m connecting to a readynas over AFP, some 720P MKVs work fine but the majority bork straight away.

ATV software ver 4.1.1, jb using seas0npass


I have to agree with crish.9644. I have multiple 720p mp4 files that play fine with PS3 and Beyonwiz that just refuse to start with beta 6.I have sent the diagnostic info. This bug affects two-thirds of my HD MP4 files. (JB Seasonpass, beta 6)

Thanks for your feedback. The best thing to do if you are seeing issues like this is to submit a bug report as described here:

Bonus points if you’re also able to send in a sample video file that’s giving you trouble. :)

I think the playback fails with DTS audio tracks - that’s the only pattern I can see with my files.


Everything plays OK, except for the files with DTS audio. I have a few sample files I could submit when I’m back home in a week.