Playback doesn’t start automatically

This seems to be a new phenomena- the streaming starts (I can see the bar lengthen) but playback doesn’t start and it only shows a black frame.

Pressing play or ok starts it.

I tried with legacy and memory streaming but it doesn’t seem to help. It’s as if it is at frame 0 being paused.

This is on ATV 4k first gen.

Does restarting the Apple TV help?

I did a quick test and yes. Rebooting the atv seems to have helped.

I’m not sure if this lasts, though. What is the root cause , any ideas?

Presumably, this is caused by a low-level process getting stuck. Could be the system or could be Infuse, but it’s quite rare.

Ok. I think I found out the cause.

Apple TV pauses when it doesn’t detect a display.

I have my frame rate match and dynamic range match set to “on”. That means that once playback begins, there’s a brief disconnection as the display and atv renegotiate hdmi info and hdcp encryption again.

I think what is happening is that this, in turn, triggers the pause on Apple TV side.

I recently changed my hardware configuration (different tv) which might mean the delay might be a tad longer - causing the pause to stick.

This explains why the issue is not consistent on all content - it depends on the rate and range for the time duration of the renegotiation.

I tested the theory and turned off the match rate and the issue was fine until I tuned it back on.

Any idea how to remove this behavior?


I switched to 4:2:0 - issue seems to be almost gone because the sync time on it is slightly faster. Must be fast enough to prevent atv from going into mousse mode.

This is an atv4k first gen.


Super troubleshooting! That’s one of the problems that could have been a bald causing event. :+1: :man_bald:

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I wonder if there’s anything infuse can do here. I guess it’s a combination of two appletv limitations.

Also, I do plan to switch to a new atv when it is announced and then the quick vrr might help.

If you changed the device chain (HDMI cable, TV, AV receiver, etc…) it can sometimes help to reset the Apple TV video settings (in Apple TV Settings > Video and Audio) and set things up again the way you want them.

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took me forever to get my complex chain to work properly. I’m worried if I change it, it will awaken the ATV demons…

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