Playback camera roll videos


Is there any way to playback camera roll videos on Infuse 5.
I see a lot of options to play videos from different sources but i’m unable to select local videos done in mi Iphone.

You can’t do it directly.
You can go to your video. Open the share sheet and select “Save To Files”.
Then from your files apps you can then open the share sheet and choose “Copy To Infuse”.

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It works as as workaround, but it would be good get this functionality directly in Infuse.
Hopefully they’ll include the ability to play camera roll videos in some update.

I encountered this as well. Apple requires me to import recorded videos from my SD card to the camera roll. Why can’t I just watch/import them from that location? Other apps do all0w this. Extremely annoying!

@admins, please fix this!

Thanks for your feedback.

We’re working on a number of improvements in this area for the upcoming Infuse 6 release which is due out in the first quarter of 2019.

Keep an eye out for updates!

Many thanks for your feedback!
Will this mean that we will be able to select items from our Photo Roll? :slight_smile:

The Firecore team is great on keeping this thread Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21) current with what’s on the horizon. They show that iOS “Files” app support is on the radar so your solution may be close!