Play video on HDMI out with AirPlay audio out

I use iPad/iPhone with (original) apple lightning to HDMI dongle (to monitor or projector).

Screen mirroring is fine, but when I switch the audio output to airplay (to my hi-fi system), infuse stops playing.

Same behaviour with (original) apple lightning to VGA.

YouTube and VLC player works fine with the same setup (video on HDMI and audio to AirPlay), VLC even plays the very exact file without problem. Infuse also plays with HDMI video out and Bluetooth audio out.

If the video stays on the iPad screen and audio goes to airplay, then there is no problem.

Reported to firecore support, no help provided so far. Any idea other than infuse admitting it’s a bug.

Issue has been existing for multiple infuse and iOS versions. I have every software updated to latest (the moment of writing this iOS 13.5 infuse 6.4.2).

Anybody using HDMI video with airplay audio?
Is it possible to enable/see log/debug file of infuse to understand what goes wrong?


This behavior is not supported at this time, but I’m moving this to suggestions for now.

Very hard to read this. Infuse is rolling out tiny little niche updates frequently. This is a core feature. What can be more basic than sending picture to an external screen and sound to dedicated sound system with standard Apple protocol?

VLC can do this and VLC is open source. Probably you can leverage if not copy paste… thanks

Any update please? Seems like core function mission for me. Thanks

Any update please? I just tried few days back and still doesn’t work. I found one movie/file though where it does work… player is almost there, just please give it some attention and fix it, thanks