“Play Version” selection

Current behavior:
Currently when a library has two options for a media file, such as a 4K version and a 1080p version, Infuse will present the Select Version option every time such a file is selected for viewing.

Suggested behavior:
Have Infuse automatically pick the version with the highest resolution first, or the highest bitrate second if the resolutions are the same. Have a long-press on Play present the Select Version options for manual selection.

I recently moved over to a new Plex server capable of hardware transcoding h265 HDR 4K files. As part of the migration, I consolidated my libraries - instead of separate 1080 and 4K libraries, I combined them. This works well for Plex and my external users, as Plex automatically picks the 1080 copy for remote playback and/or transcoding, but the user can choose the 4K version if they want and my server has the horsepower and bandwidth to deliver it.

However, this has had an unintended effect in Infuse.

Currently, when a movie is selected to play that has two copies available, Infuse will ask you to select which version - every single time. This gets rather annoying, quickly. Having Infuse auto-select the best version for playback, especially since I would suspect that 99% of Infuse’s user base playback is local content (and infuse doesn’t support transcoding anyways), while leaving an option to select a specific version if desired, would be ideal. :ok_hand:

(The reason I suggest auto-selecting by resolution first, and bitrate second, is that in my use case I simply have a duplicate copy of ALL of my libraries - the primary library is “up-to” 4K while the secondary is “up-to” 1080. This was the easiest way for me to manage keeping two versions of media, and I’ve got the storage space so why not. This means, however, that some media has two 1080 copies. I can go into deeper details of my setup and logics if requested.)

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