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Today bitrate, resolution & audio format are shown but that leaves us more and more to guess:

  • I keep HDR, HDR10+ and DV versions. I’d love to see a small logo.
  • Being an international user, I keep multiple languages versions (for ex, a kid move in the original language and in my kids language). I’d love to see the supported languages (ISO639-1 would suffice).

Similarly, when there’s only one version, the file name is displayed at the end of the screen. When there’s more, this information is summarized (I would guess the common features are kept and shown.)

thank you.


I support that :100:!

If you could at least add the dynamic range information (HDR, DV,…) that‘d improve user experience A LOT instantly!

To be precise: It should show the HDR/DV capability of how Infuse would playback the media file, meaning a DV P7/8 file should show HDR in the version description.

I think this might be sth. which can be done with reasonable effort, kind of a quick win?

Just saying, since Infuse should already have (almost?) all information available… kind of a MediaInfo copy & paste?

Well, anyhow - this would be a really nice addition :slight_smile:

My Infuse shows either HDR or DV flags. Nothing more specific though.

For clarification - here’s the version dialogue from Infuse (macOS):


Sorry for my bad editing skills :smiley:

Same applies to tvOS, etc.

Would be nice to have more information on hand when choosing a media file :slight_smile:

You’re more of an expert that I am!

If What is Dolby Vision Profile is accurate, DV8 is indeed HDR10 (or SDR/HLG) therefore the “HDR” tag but DV7 would have an enhancement layer. Should this qualify for “DV”?

Thank you for making me search as if I read correctly, DV5 doesn’t have an EL so I wonder why it is “labelled” as DV. “Real DV” would be DV7 [as a rookie I can be totally wrong.]

Hi there! Have a look at this:

That should clarify things. :slight_smile:

Thank you. It does and doesn’t (I spent an hour reading and boy, this isn’t clear. Reminds me what other people think when I talk programming :wink: )

What I fail to understand is how dynamic HDR works: I thought the dynamic values would be in the EL but the post you linked that explains how AppleTV works seems to indicate that the DV Metadata is built in the BL and additionally, the Apple TV doesn’t support metadata in the EL (if that’s really what Profile 7 is about.)

That would lead to think that “pure” (no fallback) DV is 5 and “with fallback” is 8/HLG (HLG restriction being only present for now on AppleTV, the norm allowing full DV with HDR10 base layer, right ?)