"Play To" and "Play Using"

I still havnt upgraded to pro yet because this app is always one step behind for me :(

Would you please consider adding the ability to send files from a upnp server (such as xbmc) TO the app (much like arkmc) so that we can send files from xbmc to the app by using the "play using" feature of xbmc etc.

You are so close ;)

I'm also interested in this functionality!

It sounds like an interesting idea, but I'm having a little trouble getting my head around how practical it would be.

If you're using an iPad, wouldn't it be easier to browse and locate the video in XBMC via Infuse on the iPad as opposed to browsing through XBMC and sending it to the iPad? The former requires using one device, but the latter requires two.

Any more info you'd be able to provide would be great!

This is one of the main reasons why I get frustrated with this product, don't frequent the forums anymore and can't buy it :(

im dying to throw money at you, but I just can't, it always seems that this app is 1 step behind and never actually looks at its functionality from a users perspective.

Forget everything you know and/or get me on staff (my rate is incredibly reasonable) ;)

Think of it this way, you have kids, they are in there bedroom having a sleepover, they want to watch a movie, you don't give them all unrestricted access to the NAS, so this will allow me to select a movie and "play to" the kids iPad in the bedroom Etc.. Or you have a device in the bathroom, your TV show ends but your hands are wet! Shout the wife, tell her to send the next episode and BAM you didn't have to get out the bath. Visitors can be sent movies, you can send yourself a movie and watch it on the toilet... All this functionality is available elsewhere for free... It's such a disappointment to see this paid app so far behind :(


There are so many missing features that hold this app back, even decoding or down mixing dts etc is frustrating. I have now given up hope and moved onto an app that is free, supports true hd, dtshd, mkv, avi, WMV, mp4 etc etc etc upnp etc etc etc and it's FREE absolutely 100% FREE player that plays upnp/dlna/DTSHD,TRUHD all audio and video formats and containers! If they can do it all for free, surly you can do it for 10 dollars!  

Jesus, brother… You want my Apple ID to download the app?
Just create a new share with movies for your kids and map it to their ipads…

Sorry, but he is not close, you are far behind.