Play rar on atv2


Jailbroken Atv2 with SeasOnPass, Used ATV Flash black and installed the mediaplayer. Works really great, thx guys!! But now to my issue.

Does anyone now if this mediaplayer can play movies with .rar extension. I´d rather not install xbmc since i find this mediaplayer more useful.



.rar is archive, why dont film unarchive ? :slight_smile:

Thx (not)  :slight_smile:

I know rar is archive but since vlc player and xbmc can play rar i was hoping for this to work. So, does anyone know if i can play a rar archive or do i have to unrar???


You have to unrar.

Yep, you have to unrar it. It’s boring (for me it is :)) but it’s the only way.

2 solutions:

  • install xbmc on atv2

  • play with the script which is available for unix (it might work)

This script can unpack new releases and scans the movies dir by interval (cronjob).


Best would be if atvflash would support rar unpack :slight_smile:



I would pay for the unrar feature to be added.  I don’t own Flash Black now but I’d buy it in a heartbeat.  Where do we put forward a feature request?


I’ve been using XBMC for years simply because it plays through RAR files.  I download files and leave them in archived format, for seeding.  I don’t extract, nor should anyone need to. The technology has existed for over six to seven years.  So it would be a great feature to have included in Firecores product.  Happy to put money towards the work.  Let me know!




Moving this to the suggestions section.

I’ll see what we can do.

I wanted to add my desire for this feature. A lot of media archives you might deal with is packaged into RAR, and for those using NAS, or such, it’s a PITA to unrar. The “wife & kids” user case just want to browse to a directory and click play.

Note, playback of media files is a bit limiting even under XBMC, as you are limited to what is in the I/O buffer for seeking, but it does work. Added note: I found it actually worked XBMC playback of RARed media archives was best with xbmsp (ccxstream) over SMB or AFP.

You’d need to make sure that the UI allows for more explicit “go to X minutes”, even if there are no chapter markers or it would be very, very painful.

I download files and leave them in archived format, for seeding. I don’t extract, nor should anyone need to.