Play random episodes

Would love the ability to hit play on a favourite folder and have the system play random episodes on shuffle from the whole favourite. I know that wouldn’t work for most situations but it would be great for the kids.

This is a great idea, I’ve often imagined that you could set up “channels” of shows, such that when you launch the app you say, “comedies from the 70s” and it would randomly play videos from your “comedies from the 70s” channel (in either a sequential so you never miss an episode from start to finish, or you could specify random selections from certain series). You could set up lots of these “channels.” This to me would be the killer feature for those who have a large and fairly complete library of shows, sort of like turning on the television and clicking through channels, but the channels would be from your library, no commercials and all the shows would be to your liking. Sometimes I just want to be entertained, I don’t want to have to select and I don’t want to have to keep indicating which show next to watch, I just want to veg in front of the television and be entertained. Would love, love, love this feature.

This has been mentioned a few times and is one of the few features Plex has over Infuse. Should be simple!

Should be as simple as looking at looking at the first item in the list of proposed features for 6.1 in the pinned thread in suggestions… :wink:

6.1 (pending)

• Custom playlists w/ loop/shuffle