Play next episode button not showing up

I updated to the latest version today (7.4) and when I watch tv shows in a season, at the end of the episode, I don’t see the pop up for starting the next episode. The next episode does automatically play, but I have to wait for the credits to end before it will start. I’d like to skip the credits if possible. Thanks!

As soon as the credits start if you touch the track pad and bring up the user interface does the next episode button show there?

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Had the same problem. Long press Home button → kill Infuse worked for me.

Although I like the idea of a separate button to jump to the next episode, but the implementation is not the best I think. For Marvel or other tv shows after the end credits there follows a last scene, so you will scrape (with the wheel) through these end credits to reach the last scene. But now you have to be careful to not lay your finger on the touchpad otherwise by clicking instead of pausing you will start the next episode.

Yes that works. I was expecting the button to just pop up on its own at the end, and I would be able to click it if I wanted to use it. I think that’s what happens with every streaming app.

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That’s because they know exactly when the credits start every time. With Infuse many users librarys are gathered from different sources so the timing is different for just about everyone.

It’s really no more effort the way Infuse does it since you’d probably be grabbing the remote when the credits start anyway. Either to hit the next button or bring up the UI to click the next button. :wink:


I would vote to have it appear sometime when the episode is like 95% complete or something. That way it’s basically over.

It gets tricky because some series don’t have credits at the end, so you’d have the button always visible for the last 5% of every video. In 7.4, the button will be included in the playback overlay once you hit 92% complete.

1 touch + 1 click on the touchpad and you’re on your way to the next episode. :slight_smile:

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