Play iTunes Media from Time Capsule?


my iTunes Media is stored on my time capsule.

Is it possible to stream movies without running the mac and iTunes?

Install XBMC from MAINTENANCE and add a SMB share:




time capsule: annihilatrix

disk: killface

file sharing: on (use time capsule password)

airport guest access: read only

workgroup: friskydingo

wins server: <leave blank>


file paths: 

music: annihilatrix/killface/audio/library



music share: smb://friskydingo:password@


I copied this info from the XBMC forum

stacker02 One of the forum member have made a GREAT PDF GUIDE:

<quote> For those on Airport Exreme or TimeCapsule I tried to create a PDF of what I did to get things working. If I missed a step just let me know and I can add it. I think should be a start for some... </quote>


Thank you very much!

I'll try it today.