Play Itunes bought files vom External HD ???

Is there any possibility to play the Movies / TV shows which I bought at the itunes store from an external hd connected to my atv ? (the usage of the external HD works perfectly)

nobody ?

If the files you buy from iTunes are DRM protected you may not be able to play them using any other application other than the Music, Movies, TV shows menu items. The problem is that those menu items only play from the built-in iTunes folders and you can no change that. Now you can change the external to be the drive iTunes uses to sync the data to. To do that take a look at this:

What about if that external drive is a networked drive? I have an alternate itunes folder I use when launching iTunes on my desktop (holding down the option key when launching) Can I force atv to look at that volume/folder to stream music from? Perhaps by adding appropriate shortcuts TO the existing atv directory structure? Or replacing and renaming the appropriate directories WITH shortcuts? TIA for any advice! Tom

You could setup a network share point to stream from that folder, however the standard AppleTV menus will not be able to stream from it without going through iTunes.

Thanks for the reply, Guardianmax (didn’t realize you had…got notification on now…) so if I understand you correctly, you mean I can listen to the music using other means (like Nito, Boxee, XMBC), just not the standard ATV iTunes menus, correct? I’d already assumed as much, cuz my network path is working great for movies, but I haven’t really messed with music on ATV because I lose the power of my iTunes playlists (sigh). That’s a big deal if I’m dealing with a directory of 40000+ tracks grouped into genres and [strike]folders[/strike] albums. I’ll have to think a bit on some workarounds…

Yes, you can stream all the files but unfortunately would lose the nice iTunes organization. :frowning: