Play ISO with Multiple Titles?

I have ripped an ISO of a movie and Infuse automatically detected the movie and the subtitle and audio tracks to go with it. However, I do not see how to get it to play the other videos on the disc such as extras, behind the scenes featurettes, etc. Pulling down from the top and highlighting Video only shows Zoom Mode and Chapters.

Any suggestions? Does it perhaps have to do with automatically being tagged? I literally ripped the disc with DVD Decryptor and opened up Infuse on my AppleTV.

Thanks in advance!

Infuse currently doesn’t support additional video files on an ISO file but it’s in the works. For now it only plays the main feature.

So what about the case of a TV series on DVD? It will only play the first episode on each disc of the ISO?

Infuse does actually support multiple titles, though it will try and select the main title automatically when playing the video.

You can select other titles through the Video section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

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My bad, got in a hurry and misspoke.

Sorry bout that bertiebott and James!

Hmm, that’s odd. The movie I ripped does have multiple titles since it has Extras but it didn’t show up under Videos when I swiped down…

I am thrilled with the quality of video and way I can customize my ISO library, better than any way I’ve tried video before. I never gave ISOs a second thought. I really hope we see episode support soon for TV shows, bulk of my library is Saturday morning cartoons. Lol.