Play .ISO & IMG using Media Player

When i try to play a .ISO or .IMG file i get a message that says i can’t play that content. This was working when i used XBMC. 

I want to use Media Player only, so is there a way to play this type file?


It ‘just works’ for me! Are you Sure you have the latest version of Meia Player?

Yeah… I did a new jailbreak and install today…

stigolsn,  So when you re-jailbroke and re-installed aTV Flash 2 ISO and DVD folders started working?


I have the same problem you did, but I have seen enough messages here to believe there is an inherent problem in aTV Flash 2 that is causing ISO and DVD folders to not work.  I don’t want to go through the hassle of starting over again if there isn’t a better than slight chance it will fix the problem. 

Awsomeness! It´s working again!  :( I think there was a bug with my Apple Airport Extreme, and the external hard drive i had connected. Restarted it all, and now it´s working! Looove it!

Stigolsn, I’m very happy for you.  Unfortunately no awesomness here.  I have ISOs and DVD folders that play fine in XBMC on the Apple TV but do nothing in aTV Flash 2 Media Player.  I would prefer Media PLayer as it is far more integrated with the Apple TV UI, and would happily uninstall XBMC if only Media Player played these files.


I CAN play .img, and .iso in Media Player now. Not using XBMC!


That is great news.  It means there might be some hope for me and the many others who have reported the same problem playing these files as I have.  Hopefully some easy fix is found that will allow me the same happiness.

I have two Apple TVs, one plays ISO, one doesn’t.  The one that doesn’t was recently restored to baseline, re-jail broken, and re installed.  I can play music from my server, and other video formats, but it hangs on ISO files.  Prior to this action, both ATVs played ISO.  I cannot think of what changed except for the firmware…


Any ideas?