Play .img video, working...


Just read somewhere that it was possible to change the file extension on .img files to .iso, and you could play it…

So I renamed som img files to iso, and wupti, my apple TV started playing my .iso movies (renamed from .img)

Could not see any problem, could change audio/subtitle and anything seems normal.

So my questions are, whats the diff. between .iso and .img files since just a renaming worked?, what do converting programs do?, Is there something that doesn’t work, when renaming?


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My setup: Apple TV 2 (black) with firmware 4.3 and Firecore aTV Flash 1.0 and Media Player 0.9.4


Normally whether a file is called .iso or .img is irrelevant and is just an artefact of the creation software. I think that .img used to be frequent, but .iso is becoming more so as time goes by.

The obvious thing would be for Media Player to recognise both file extensions as beIng equivalents.