Play films stored in Photos app and UPnP support

I would really like to see Infuse app to be able to access and play movies stored in Photos app and also to add metadata to these movies (Infuse is able to add metadata to films that are streamed by Plex, so it may not be a problem?). And I would also like Infuse to offer option to stream films to Smart TV using UPnP, because I would say that more people own Smart TV than Apple TV or some Google Cast device. Because Infuse lacks this function I am forced to use nPlayer instead off my Infuse Pro app and I would really prefer to use Infuse Pro!

I hope you will consider these suggestions. Thank you.

Infuse allows you to use Google Chromecast

Google Cast (as it is written on Infuse web page) or Chromecast, it does not matter. It is just another device that you have to buy to be able to stream content…