Play files from USB SSD

Hi is it possible to play files directly from ssd without need to copy them into infuse folder? If yes what are the steps?

What are you connecting the drive to?

directly to my ipad or iphone using cable

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Hey, mate! Get yourself a NAS and connect your external SSD to it. It would be more convenient to use Infuse, and it adds a touch of grace as well.

Do you have a WiFi router with a USB input?
If there is one, you can insert your SSD drive into the USB port of the router and transfer the video files stored on it to the TV/Projector via the SMB/FTP protocol.

Yes, you can add a link to the USB hard drive by using the ‘Add Local Folder’ option found in Infuse > Settings > Add Files > Add…

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Unfortunately when i click on this and select a folder and click in open nothing happens the folders doesn’t get added into library

Edit : i think its because this is unlocked cryptomator volume, is there any way to add it? Other folders work fine

I would love to get into this but is there any definite guide to configure everything?

This will get you started. :wink:

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Cryptomator volumes likely aren’t supported at this time.