Play DVDs on MacBookPro and watch in HD on TV screen

I want to do this using airplay over aTV 2 Flash black latest Version (1.6) , but it doesn`t work.

Ist working only with videos out of iTunes as it has ever been before.

For this a jailbreak would not have been necessary…

Whats my fault? Am I using a wrong app?


Unfortunately you won’t be able to play DVDs from your Mac’s optical drive on the Apple TV. However, if you backup the files using something like RipIt you can connect to your Mac and play the files using the Media menu on the Apple TV.

Details on setting this up can be found here.

Thanks for Your answer.

What about a kind of mirroring, like it works with iPad 2?

May there ever be such a function or its this impossible at all?

I don’t want to put an extra DVD Player into my living room only to let my children watch 2 or 3 DVDs in a Year.

So it looks as if I am forced to rip them only to watch one time…

Desktop mirroring is slated to be included in the upcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion release. Whether this will support playing DVDs I don’t know, but it may be a solution if you don’t want to backup the DVDs to the hard drive.

Thanks again!

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