Play DVD ISO Files with Infuse 6 with Apple TV 4 (not 4k) and Fritz.Nas


my Name is Maik an I am from Germany.

before i buy Infuse 6 for Apple TV, I want to try to play my DVD ISO files. But it didn’t work.

Here is my setup:

The Iso Files (Example MOVIE.iso) are (just for the test) on an usb stick.
The stick is in a FritzBox 7490
Infuse 6 (free Version) is installed on my Apple TV 4

Infuse finds the USB Stick and it finds some test mp4 files on the sticks and it works very good.

But I am not able to find the iso files on the stick. They are not even listet.

I tried to create an folder structure (DVD > Title > ISO File)
I tried to put the iso files to the root of the stick but nothing works.

If I copy a mp4 file in the root of the stick, Infuse finds it directly.

Can someone please help me with my setup?


How are you connected to the server? SMB, NFS, DLNA UPnP?

UPnP, DLNA, and Plex do not support ISO files at this time.

Thank you. That helped. I was connected via UPnP. Now I tried SMB and everything works.

Thank you very much

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