Play DVD folders

Is it possible to play a DVD folder?
I got a DVD on my Harddisk which has 1 folder. VIDEO_TS
MediaPLayer sees the folder. but can’t play it.

DVD files are supported. What happens when you try to play it?

When I click the folder it just opens it. Then I can open the VIDEO_TS folder. And then the files.

Hmm, do you have any files inside this folder other than the VIDEO_TS folder?

Which program was used to backup the DVD?

There is another folder called AUDIO_TS

But nothing more.
Inside the VIDEO_TS are some files (Can’t remember them) I can play those files. but it isn’t a complete movie then.

And I don’t know what programm was used to rip the DVD. It is a DVD I downloaded cause it isn’t coming out in the Netherlands.

AUDIO_TS is fine (it is normally empty).

I guess the question is whether the VIDEO_TS folder contains the expected files  (also check the folder name is really upper case).   It sounds as if there might be some mandatory file missing, or something else there that is confusing Media Player.

AUDIO_TS is empty

VIDEO_TS contains:

I would expect to see a VIDEO_TS.IFO file there as well? I wonder if this is being looked for by Media Player? As far as I know the .IFO type files are identical to any corresponding .BUP fille. If anything I think the .BUP file is the optional one and meant to be backup of the .IFO file although I could be wrong about that.