Play DVD folders and/or ISO's with included Mediaplayer

I have been using the firecore software for a few months now. I would like to use the included mediaplayer to play my dvd folders (VIDEO_TS) and ISO’s.

So far, the metadata loads just fine, but playing always immediately shows the error “Playback error! An error occurred loading this content.”

The only thing that seems to work is to put the dvd into a MKV container (lossless conversion). In that case the movie plays but with a lot of stutter.

TV series in a compressed AVI container (DIVX format) also work.


With XBMC all movies (DVD folders / ISO / MKV) play perfectly without any stutter.

Why not use XBMC and be happy about it?

Well, in my opinion, the guys from XBMC are clueless in the GUI area.

The Mediaplayer GUI is fast and perfectly simple to use.


It seems I am not the only one with this particular playback error (mentioned above), but I can’t find a clear answer and/or a solution.

In most cases there is a request to send in a bug report and then it stops.


Some other details:

I’ve tried SMB and AFP network shares. In both cases XBMC plays flawless, but Mediaplayer fails.

The movies are simple DVD rips (mainmovie only), no menu, no compression.


Please advise.

Which tool was used to create the VIDEO_TS/ISO files? Is is happening with all files or just a few?

The rips I created myself were done with DVDfab. I also have a lot of downloaded dvd images, which were created with a number of other tools.

The error occurs however with all movies in DVD folder or ISO format, regardless of what tool was used.

Ok - we’re looking into a few other DVD related issues. Would you mind opening a support ticket and sending in a bug report?

#21215 Support Ticket and diagnostic report was submitted.

Cheers - we’ll get on it.

I too am having the exact same issue. I use My Movies to catalogue my DVD’s using ISO and Video_TS format ny Any DVD to RIP the DVD’s.  I have some 500 DVD’s in my collection.  The other issues appears that 1/4 of the DVD’s will display their covers the other 3/4’s of the DVD will just show a movie Ticket icon.  Pleae advise…