Play "Deadpool" and automatically skip to other movies

Infuse(7.5.8)发现一个奇怪问题,只要播放死侍 这部片子时,不超过10秒会自动跳旁边的电影播放,不管是在正在观看这里点播放或者去收藏的电影文件夹都一样,重启Atv也没用。电影是BDMV原盘,在电脑上用Potplayer试了正常


Mod Translation:
Infuse (7.5.8) found a strange problem, as long as the movie Deadpool is played, it will automatically jump to the next movie to play within 10 seconds, whether you are watching here, click to play or go to the favorite movie folder, it is the same. Restarting the ATV didn’t help either. The movie is the original BDMV, and it works fine when I tried it with Potplayer on the computer.

Technical Details: A4CH9

Please also post translations to English so more users can possible help and also benefit from your post. :wink:

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