Play BDMV from PC Bluray-Drive shared via SMB


to avoid having to buy an extra bluray player device to playback by bluray discs, I thought it should be possible to

  1. Insert the disc I want to play back into my PC’s optical drive
  2. Have AnyDVD handle the decryption of the disc
  3. Share the bluray drive via SMB over my local network
  4. Playback the disc on my TV using Infuse

Now I tried that and I can browse the BDMV folder structure on Infuse, but I cannot playback (other than selecting the m2ts files manually).

Obviously it wouldn’t make sense to add the bluray as a movie to the library, I would simply like to play back the main title of whatever disc is inserted on the computer.

Is there a way to make this possible with Infuse?

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Unfortunately, playing directly from an optical drive is not supported at this time. Sorry.

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