Play back "DirecTV2PC" media

In my house I have a DirecTV receiver that offers a feature called “DirecTV2PC” – essentially, the DirecTV box opens its hard drive to the local network, then DirecTV offers a Windows app that allows you to play back the shows.

Now here’s what’s cool: from within Infuse 3 on my iPad, I can see the Share and I can even see all my recorded shows on the DVR… wow! Nice! So in theory I can use my iPad as a screen to watch anything on my DirecTV DVR anywhere in my house… yay… EXCEPT for some reason Infuse can’t play back whatever media format DirecTV uses.

My SUGGESTION is that Infuse support this video format.

My QUESTION is this-- how can I tell what format these video files are stored in? Will Infuse let me see more info about a file when I’m browsing the shares (via the “Add Files” interface)? I don’t know enough about Mac networking to see the “DIRECTV2PC Media Server” on my desktop Mac, though I see in Infuse the DVR’s share drive is connected via the “UPnP/DLNA” protocol. If there is a piece of software I can use to see the files from the OS X desktop (and presumably then learn exactly what format they are, etc.) that would be good. Any tips?

thank you-