Play all the 4:3 videos stretch to 16:9

Is there a way to set Infuse on an Apple TV 4K to play all the 4:3 videos stretch to 16:9 without having to set it up one by one?

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Please discuss this feature here.

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I don´t think there is, however some media players based on Kodi, they do.

I also thought about this, for Twin Peaks season 1.

I thought that, i was king of hoping that there was a way. I have Kodi on a miniPC and Infuse on my ATV4K on my TV set. I guess i’d have to go back to my Kodi when i want to watch 4:3 content, because set it up one by one is really tedious. Thanks again for your post.

Any change Infuse will have this feature in the near future?

Moving to suggestions. :slight_smile:


This is the first tine I’ve seen someone request a bug.

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It is really annoying to have to set to stretch 16:9 every time a 4:3 file is played, especially when I watch a 80s/90s TV show …

If you could think about adding this to a future TestFlight release …


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