"Play All" button

I generally don’t use the “Continuous Playback” feature, for reasons, but there are occassions when I’m pottering around the house that I would enjoy to have a show running continuously in the background. So I’d like the have a quicker, one off way to have a show auto playing the next episode until I stop playback.

Can this be added- maybe as a long press on the show season, or within the show page that has all the seasons listed out above the episodes.

I think it would be a very handy feature to have.

You can do this by highlighting a series poster and holding down the Play/Pause button (Apple TV), long-press (iOS), or right-click (macOS). If you want to shuffle a single season only, you can navigate inside the series details page and long-press the Play button.

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Ah, brilliant. Don’t know why I couldn’t find that. Thank you.

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