Play a specific video directly?

Seems like Infuse works via folders and favorites but are there plans to be able to navigate to a specific video file and play it immediately?

Do you mean, skip the details page and just play it? If so, this actually works in the current version. Just press the play/pause button instead of select to start playing a video straight from the grid view.

If you were thinking of something else, can you elaborate on what you’re looking for?

I meant more like navigating directly to a file and playing it if it’s NOT in a folder that’s already set up as Favorite…similar to how Mac Finder or Windows Explorer works.

Kind of like going into Settings and navigating through an SMB share and going to a file and playing it there rather than setting it up as a Favorite first.

Basically, being able to play a file without having to set up its parent folder as a Favorite. Doesn’t look like it’s possible but figured I’d ask if it was in the roadmap.