Play 3D (Side by Side and top over bottom) in 2D

I have some 3D movies, that look great on my 3D capepable TV. On my iPAD however …

So I would love to see two additional zoom filter

  • a) keeping the height but showing only 50 percent of the width (left half only)
  • b) keeping the width but showing only 50 percent of the height ( top half only)
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Coming from KODI, there is an option to watch 3D SBS / HOU movies in 2D. KODI simply streches the one half of the movie (SBS right or HOU Top) to the full screen and ignores the other half. This comes in handy, in case one want to watch a 3D movie with more people than goggles are available or if watching a 3D movie via a non 3D capable beamer.

This option would be great to have in Infuse too.


This would be very useful. I’m surprised how very few players have this option currently… It should be easy to implement by simply cropping or zooming the image.

Any News on this one?

Love the app, really works well.

One thing is missing (coming from a Lodi box):

Playing 3D files as 2D
Sometimes I don’t want to watch my titles in 3D, but I do not have the 2D versions. In kodi I could just flip a switch and have the software merge the sides.

Also: non linear stretch for 4:3 movies

Kodi has the facility to play 3D MKV files (SBS and HTAB) in a 2D (Monoscopic) mode.

Are there any plans for Infuse to incorporate this feature in the ATV app?

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Moving to suggestions for now. Thanks!

I have some movies only available in SBS / HOU 3D mode.
That means I have movies that have half of the screen for left/right eye.

It would be great to have a Zoom Option SBS and HOU that will stretch one half of the movie to full screen and ignoring the other half.

this way it would be possible to watch 3D files at least in 2D :slight_smile: