Plans for improved mediaplayer/movie GUI?

Hi there - haven’t purchased yet but am likely to in the near future.  Two quick questions:


  1. The Netflix coverflow-esqe UI on the stock ATV2 is really nice vs. the single cover (left column) list of movies (right column) interface when playing from an itunes-library.  I can’t tell if ATV Flash/Black changes this movie playing interface or not based on FAQ/screenshots/data.  Is it still the same in ATV Flash?  If it is, any plans to tune it up to look more like the netflix GUI/coverflow experience?


  1. This looks to be supported - but just want to make sure that coverart embedded in m4v (mp4/h.264) files is supported just like in itunes for use within the ATV Flash (Black) GUI.


thanks in advance,



And with RC1, thanks for addressing my feature request! :)  going to go buy it now.

Our pleasure. :)