Place subtitle below movie frame and in the margin

There are options to position subtitles higher on the display, but no option exists to lower the subtitles.

It seem that the lowest it can go is the bottom of the movie frame. It can’t go into the margins, which iPad has a lot of.

The ability to place subtitles in the margin is a common feature in many 3rd party players.


yea can’t agree more

First one is infuse, second is IINA, running on macOS, using .ass subtitle. It will be better to use these margins to display the subtitle, thus making full use of the spare places, I think.




This would be a great option!

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In the meantime, I found a workaround.

Don’t use built-in subtitles, use Infuse’s subtitle downloader ( The downloaded subs can be placed below the movie frame.

Downloaded subs are .srt (text) format, so any text-based subs should be editable and customizable.

some other players can edit and customize .ass format as well.

Yes, as that’s also a text-based subtitle format — though it has far more customization options than .srt to account for.

Your suggestion thread, and this one (more broadly) address the specific .ass question.