Pip slows down iphone


When watching a video in PIP and walking around outside, playback will be delayed and glitchy. Moreover, when using other apps performance is severely delayed. As a whole, iphone performance is severely delayed and glitchy. Is this a heat issue? Any help is greatly appreciated

Diagnostic code here:
Diagnostics: K2QE6

Which version of iOS are you using?

Quite a few users were reporting throttling with iOS 14.5.1, but this seems to be improved in iOS 14.6.

14.5.1. I will try downloading the latest software tonight

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Latest ios didnt fix issue. Performance still ungodly slow

Thanks for following up.

Have you tested any other apps to see if the same PiP issue is present?

Just trying to narrow down what may be the cause here.

It seems to be present in any app I chose be it Apple News, safari, et al.