PiP icon remains visible on Apple TV

Minor bug, but still… On Apple TV, when you pull down the menu while playing that annoying pic-in-pic icon pops up in the lower screen and won’t ever leave. That is until you show the progress bar, it will be gone when that leaves

Can you post a few pics of what you are seeing?

Some pics:

From top to bottom:
I started the documentary swiped down;
Swiped up;
After a while swiped up;
Swiped down.

Hope this explains

Which remote are you using? Which version of tvOS?

I can’t seem to replicate this. Everything the info menu is shown the PiP icon and timeline bar disappear, as expected.

I’m on am Apple TV HD on OS 15.0, the latest I can get at least.

As far as the remote… The thing that came with it, lol.

I thought this was the way to reproduce this, but at the moment I’m watching Masterchef and it doesn’t do it…