PiP button not visible

I have a different problem.
I cannot see the pip icon while watching movie.
I am using Nas for storage films.
I can play and watch all movies without any kind of problem except this… How can i make this icon visible & usable?

Is it a 4K video, by any chance? For some reason, pip was limited to 1080p and below.

Hi. Is this a movie that your watching for the first time or is it a movie that your resuming?

I haven’t tried in this week’s release but, James stated earlier that PIP is not available upon resuming play.

If it’s a movie you’re resuming, choose “start from beginning “ and see if PIP is now available.

Is anybody else having trouble getting to the PIP control I like what they done with this so far except for the fact I don’t know how to get to the PIP if I wanted it

Update: it seems to be a problem with my controller on the touchpad

Yes, you are right
4K remux…

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